Bespoke Porcelain kitchen work surface for residential and commercial projects. Porcelain worktops are the latest development in high end worktops with a wide range of colours and styles.

With over 15 years of combing experience in the granite stone work surfaces industry we have the know how to create innovative, beautiful and functional worktops and countertops for all our customers.

Whether you decide on a simple worktop or would prefer a mottled or speckled surface, we have many designs to choose from. If you are at all unsure about which of our porcelain worktops will be best for your home, our team of expert stonemasons will be on hand to offer professional advice to help you make this decision.

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New stone worktops require a little day to day care. They are pre-treated with a liquid silicone sealer which reduces its natural porosity and provides a protective coating. It will take 7 days for the sealer to fully dry. Do not use the worktop for at least 24 hours then take care during the following few days.


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