Marble is one of the most beautiful materials and a timeless classic. Marble is a natural stone just like granite, you will find this material in mainly light and pastel colours, it is soft in nature therefore will easily scratch and stain as it is porous.

We would not recommend marble for kitchen worktops however a great material for table tops.

Marble is a non-foliate metamorphic rock that has greater potential in uses than almost any other stone. With a beautiful range of colours and grains to select from it will guarantee an elegant finish to any location.

Due to its durability Marble is ideal for: Kitchen Worktops, Bathroom Countertops, Wet Rooms, Vanity Tops, Floors, Walls ,Bath, Surrounds, Tiles & more..


New stone worktops require a little day to day care. They are pre-treated with a liquid silicone sealer which reduces its natural porosity and provides a protective coating. It will take 7 days for the sealer to fully dry. Do not use the worktop for at least 24 hours then take care during the following few days.


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