Granite is a natural stone so unlike quartz there isn’t a consistency in colour which will make your worktop one of a kind. Granite is one of the toughest materials therefore is heat and scratch resistant

We strive to ensure that all granite and quartz worktops are fitted perfectly. These beautiful materials can fully transform a kitchen, giving you a premium and glamourous finish without being an expensive process. Our high quality and cheap granite worktops all come with a 10 year warranty and are guaranteed to impress.

This material is highly durable and incredibly easy to maintain, which is one of the reasonswhy it has become a popular choice for kitchens up and down the country. You will find an extensive range of finishes available to you, and whilst you have this wide choice, you canfeel confident of receiving a unique product, as the veining from the cutting process will be different every time.


New stone worktops require a little day to day care. They are pre-treated with a liquid silicone sealer which reduces its natural porosity and provides a protective coating. It will take 7 days for the sealer to fully dry. Do not use the worktop for at least 24 hours then take care during the following few days.


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